Apligraf Venous Ulcer Treatment in Manhattan & NYC

Apligraf is an innovative treatment for diabetic foot ulcers and venous ulcers. These types of wounds do not typically heal well, due to circulatory problems that prohibit the body’s natural healing process. Apligraf involves the application of live skin cells from healthy human skin that provides the wound with the living cells necessary for healing of the area.

How does Apligraf Work?

Apligraf is a tissue-engineered product that contains live skin cells, cell proteins and collagen. These substances all play a pivotal role in the body’s own healing process. However, poor circulation from venous diseases and other conditions may prohibit the body from delivering those substances to the wound area.

Apligraf is not an ointment or cream, like other treatments used for venous ulcers today. Instead, Apligraf is a living treatment applied directly to the wound, providing the necessary elements for healing to take place. Once the Apligraf is placed, dressings are used to cover the area and keep the Apligraf in place. The dressings are changed weekly at the physician’s office until the wound is completely healed. Most patients will begin to see improvement and healing within a matter of weeks after Apligraf is first administered.
before and after photo of venous ulcer treatment on a patient using Apligraf

Benefits of Apligraf

Apligraf is a treatment that carries little risk of side effects, since it is a cell-based product. The treatment has been used on skin ulcers for more than a decade worldwide, and was approved by the FDA for treatment of venous skin ulcers in 1998. In clinical studies, this non-invasive treatment has proven effective in treating even the most stubborn chronic wounds that have not responded to traditional treatment. If you would like to learn more about Apligraf and how it may help heal your chronic skin ulcer, contact our office today.

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