Oasis Venous Ulcer Treatment Now Available

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Oasis Venous Ulcer Treatment Now Available at Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan

An innovative treatment for venous ulcers is now available at Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan. Oasis Venous Ulcer Treatment offers a unique approach to wound care that may be more effective than traditional treatments for many patients. This treatment uses naturally derived substances that have been proven to help the body heal and replace damaged tissue, for high success and low recurrence rate for even the most stubborn venous ulcers.

What is Oasis Venous Ulcer Treatment?
Oasis Venous Ulcer Treatment is a device created from a naturally derived substance known as small intestinal submucosa or SIS. SIS is a widely studies biomaterial that promotes the body’s own healing process. It contains a similar structure and components to human skin. Treatment consists of the application of an Oasis Matrix, which contains the SIS material in a dry sheet that looks like a regular wound dressing.

How Does it Work?
The Oasis Matrix is applied by Dr. Lev as an outpatient procedure in our Manhattan office. The Matrix serves as a type of wound dressing that is kept moist and left untouched for seven days. After seven days, the Matrix is removed by Dr. Lev and the wound is checked for progress. At that time, Dr. Lev and his staff will determine whether to continue using the Oasis Matrix, applying new sheets regularly until the wound is fully healed.

While wearing the Wound Matrix, patients are instructed to elevate the affected leg at home as much as possible to promote healthy blood flow to the area. The wound and dressings should be kept out of the water, and left untouched unless the patient is given specific instructions for changing the dressing. Primary dressings, those closest to the wound are never touched.

Are there Side Effects?
Some patients do experience side effects with the Wound Matrix, which include:

• Redness and warmth
• Swelling of the area
• Pain and blistering
• Discharge from the wound

If the patient experiences fever or nausea while wearing the dressing, it could be a sign of infection. Side effects should be reported to the staff at Advanced Varicose Veins Treatments of Manhattan as soon as possible.

Patients who have used the Oasis Wound Matrix have seen significant healing of venous ulcers, with a lower recurrence rate. The Matrix provides the help a patient’s body needs to advance the healing process and see true progress in the elimination of venous ulcers. For more information about how the Oasis Venous Ulcer Treatment works, contact Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan today.

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