Oasis Treatment for Ulcers in Manhattan & NYC

Oasis Treatment for Ulcers at Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan

For many that are in pain and think they have an ulcer, usually set an appointment to meet with a doctor if they can tolerate the symptoms long enough. Some even get over the counter medications to ease some of the pain. Others head into the emergency room for some instant relief from medical professionals only to find themselves in pain once again. If ulcer symptoms have been identified and are treatable, this still doesn’t mean that these options are effective. ER technicians can misdiagnose you and your ulcer symptoms.

Dr. Ronald Lev is proud to offer the best method to treat Ulcers in a specialized way that is more effective than what over the counter medication can do. By using Oasis Matrix, Dr. Lev has the tool that is specifically designed to help with open wounds. Oasis Matrix covers wounds and ulcers, keeping them protected from elements that can potentially spread bacteria. Exposed wounds increase chances for infection and pain. Oasis Matrix stays intact and protects the wound over periods of time. The endurance of Oasis makes it more convenient than swapping out bandages and gauge full of drainage.

How Does Oasis Work?

The Oasis Wound Matrix is an extracellular matrix that is created from porcine small intestinal submucosa. It is essentially, natural tissue that is absorbed into open wounds or ulcers. Extracellular matrix is the structure that cases around cells and binds them into a tissue. Open wounds can take a long time to heal and sometimes the body has a hard time regenerating these tissues. With Oasis Matrix, it gives the body an advantage to recover from gouges and prevents infection.

This material can be applied when needed which is usually three to seven days or for as long as it takes for the infection or necrosis goes away. It’s a more natural approach than swapping out bandages that only pull off the natural cell structure from open wounds or ulcers. It’s safe and effective, and has proven to be an industry standard for treating open wounds and ulcers.

Oasis is a supplement that supports the body’s natural healing process, just like a steroid shot would help overcome allergic reactions or asthma attacks. It is applied directly to the wound and doesn’t require it to be taken orally. This topical product also prevents people from having skin grafts taken to replace the skin tissues. It’s an advanced product tested to be effective and reliable. Those whom have ulcers or open wounds from post surgeries are now adopting the new product to help them recover faster than traditional approaches.

Please contact Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan to learn more about how Oasis can help you. Call us at 212-204-6501.

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