The Truth About Your Veins: Venous Disease and Varicose Vein Treatment

The veins in your legs are much more important to you than you think. If damaged, over time this may lead to further complications and cause pain, discomfort or unsightly appearances due to venous disease.

Among the symptoms, you may face as a result of untreated venous disease are saphenous vein aneurysms. Your saphenous vein is an artificial vein located in your leg. Its reach travels from the groin area to the ankle at the bottom of the leg making it the longest vein in the human body, often referred to as the greater saphenous vein (GSV). In contrasting size, the lesser saphenous vein is slightly smaller and starts behind your knee and extends to your ankle.

The saphenous vein’s main function is to drain blood from superficial tissues to the groin area. The GSV also connects with the femoral vein and a deep system of veins within the groin, by which a valve prevents high-pressure blood from entering the GSV. However, if this vein becomes at all leaky, these veins will need to be disconnected through incisions. By disconnecting the GSV, the femoral vein and other connected veins, research has shown that this can reduce the chances of reoccurring varicose veins.

However, if the valve is left untreated, this can lead to harmful saphenous vein aneurysms. Though once considered rare, more saphenous vein aneurysms are now being found through increased use of ultrasounds in patients who suffer from venous diseases.

According to a study by Pascarella et al., as noted in Chapter 4 of Ron Bush, MD’s book “The Truth Concerning Veins,” nearly 65 superficial aneurysms were found in 43 out of 366 evaluated patients over a 24-month period. This number currently represents an incidence of 12 percent. The classification in Ron Bush’s book also outlines four types of current classifications for aneurysms, which Bush proves to be erroneous and later identifies necessary treatment criteria to be developed. Bush is one of the nation’s leading specialists in venous diseases and the founder of Vein Experts.

More importantly, vein experts suggest that venous disease and complications to the GSV should not be taken lightly, but exposed early to discover the best possible treatment.

“The Truth Concerning Veins” is an alternative resource to finding out more about vein disease and research is taken to maintain the health of your veins and your legs.

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