The Double Chin Dilemma (And the Solution!)

Ask any man or woman what their greatest cosmetic concern might be and the answer might surprise you. While many will say fine lines and wrinkles are their most troublesome sign of aging, you might find just as many complaints about the formation of a double chin. Submental fat, the isolated deposit of fat cells that accumulate underneath the chin, can affect your appearance and your self-confidence. While the only way to “cure” this problem in the past was surgery, today we have non-surgical methods to sculpt a more youthful facial contour. At Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan, Precision Tx® is our go-to procedure for patients that want to say goodbye to the double chin.

Introducing Precision Tx®

Precision Tx® is an innovative laser procedure designed to eliminate small areas of unwanted fat while tightening skin for a smoother contour. It is especially effective when used to reverse a double chin or skin laxity around the front of the neck that leads to the formation of a turkey neck. It is sometimes referred to as a laser facelift because the procedure offers similar results to a facelift without the use of general anesthesia and incisions.

Precision Tx® is an excellent option for patients with mild to moderate signs of aging in the lower face and neck area. While this treatment offers both fat reduction and skin tightening benefits, it will not provide the dramatic results seen with surgery. Surgery may still be your best choice to obtain the best outcome if your aging symptoms, particularly loose skin, are especially severe. However, patients that are not candidates for surgery can still see improvement from a Precision Tx® treatment without the additional risks associated with “going under the knife.”

The Power of Laser Energy

Precision Tx® delivers a 1440nm wavelength of laser light directly into the treatment area. The laser energy penetrates the deeper dermal layers and tissue structure without damaging the outer dermis. The laser heats the area to liquefy the unwanted fat cells, creating a smoother contour from the chin to the neck. At the same time, the laser can be used to stimulate collagen production to produce tighter, firmer skin. The combination of benefits offers a natural, more youthful profile to the lower face, enhancing your appearance and your confidence.

One of the challenges of using laser energy to treat problem spots is getting the temperature of the procedure just right to produce positive results without damaging the surrounding skin and tissue. To accomplish this goal safely and efficiently, the Precision Tx® device features a ThermaGuide™ system that monitors temperature levels to deliver the precise amount of heat to achieve the outcome you want.

Outpatient Procedure

Dr. Lev performs Precision Tx® in his office as an outpatient treatment with a local anesthetic. Tiny puncture marks are created underneath the chin to allow for the insertion of a narrow cannula. The cannula administers the laser heat directly into the treatment area, first dissolving fat cells and then treating the underlying dermal structure. Once the cannula is removed, a dressing is placed over the puncture to allow it to heal. It is too small to require a suture and will leave almost no visible scarring behind.

Dr. Lev will complete your Precision Tx® treatment in less than one hour. After your procedure, he will place a compression garment around the treatment area to minimize swelling and promote faster healing to the area. You will continue to wear this garment for about 48 hours. Most of our patients are ready to return to their regular schedules within two or three days. The lower face and jaw are likely to be slightly sore and swollen, but the discomfort should not be severe enough to prevent you from working or participating in other activities.

Long-Lasting Results

You will likely see some positive results from your procedure immediately following treatment, as the skin might feel firmer and smoother almost right away. However, those preliminary results will continue to improve in the days following your procedure, with optimal results developing in about three to six weeks. Once your new contour becomes apparent, it will be long-lasting. Patients will achieve the full results they want after just one treatment session using Precision Tx®, making this procedure an excellent value in terms of time and money investment.

A double chin is a common concern for men and women who are noticing signs of aging start to creep in on their appearance. It can also be a problem for individuals that have experienced weight fluctuations or are just the unhappy recipients of the wrong genes. No matter what your reason for wanting to eliminate your double chin, Precision Tx® is likely to give you the positive results you want.

Don’t let a double chin affect your appearance and your self-confidence. Contact Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan today at 212-204-6501 to find out if Precision Tx® is the right option for you.

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