VeinGogh Spider Vein Treatment in Manhattan & NYC

VeinGogh is one of the latest innovations in vein treatment, offering an effective way to minimize the appearance of spider veins with little discomfort and no downtime. The procedure uses a revolutionary process known as ohmic thermolysis, or electrical energy, to destroy small spider veins located close to the surface of the skin. VeinGogh offers precision never before seen in spider vein treatments, ensuring positive results with minimum risk and discomfort.

How does VeinGogh Work?

VeinGogh uses microburst technology to deliver fixed energy to spider veins for positive results without damage to the surrounding tissue. A tiny probe is placed on the affected vein and electrical energy is delivered directly into the vein, heating it and causing it to collapse. The vein is eventually eliminated by the body, and blood is rerouted through healthy veins in the area. The procedure is fast, painless and costs less than traditional vein treatments.

Patients who have the VeinGogh procedure are able to see results of the treatment right away, unlike other procedures that might take days or weeks before results are visible. Results from VeinGogh continue to improve over time. Because of the precision of the VeinGogh procedure, patients do not experience the sunburn-like appearance on their skin after treatment, because no surrounding tissue is touched during the procedure.

before and after photo of spider veins treatment in the leg of a patient using VeinGogh

Uses for VeinGogh

In addition to treating spider veins, VeinGogh is an effective procedure for eliminating cherry angiomas, clusters of capillaries that appear on the surface of the skin as bright red or purple spots. The procedure can be completed in less than 30 minutes, requires no anesthesia and can be performed on nearly any area of the body. To learn more about how VeinGogh can help you eliminate bothersome spider veins, contact our office today.

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