ClariVein Varicose Vein Treatment in Manhattan & NYC

The next phase of varicose vein treatment has arrived, bringing stellar results with less discomfort and recovery time than even laser and radiofrequency treatments. ClariVein uses an innovative combination of mechanical agitation and a sclerosant agent to seal affected veins shut. The procedure requires no heating of the vein and no need for tumescent anesthesia, which greatly increases patient comfort and reduces risk during the procedure.

How does ClariVein Work?

ClariVein uses a unique type of catheter that consists of a thin wire that rotates at high speed and injects the sclerosant agent directly into the vein. The sclerosant agent used with the ClariVein system is the same formula used for other types of sclerotherapy procedures. Ultrasound is used to guide the catheter to the affected vein. The tip of the catheter is then activated to rotate inside the vein as the device is slowly withdrawn. The sclerosant agent is infused into the vein through the end of the rotating catheter.

Once the catheter is removed, compression bandages are applied to enhance the healing process. The injected sclerosant agent causes the vein walls to seal shut, so the affected vein is eventually eliminated through the body’s normal processes. The procedure may be performed without the need for any type of anesthetic, offering a quick, safe way to address both small and large varicose veins under the skin’s surface. Studies have shown that ClariVein offers less discomfort than other varicose vein treatments, including those using laser and radiofrequency waves.

before and after photo of varicose vein treatment on the leg of a patient using ClariVein

ClariVein Benefits

ClariVein offers a whole new approach to varicose vein treatment with no discomfort during the procedure or downtime afterward. The treatment works on both large and small veins, offering additional versatility for patients and doctors. Because the procedure reduces procedure steps and requires no anesthesia, the cost of the procedure is also less than other varicose vein treatments. For more information about whether ClariVein is right for you, contact our office today.

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