Reasons Why Your Legs Will Thank You for Cellulaze

When fibrous, connective bands in the skin become rigid and tighten, they cause the fat cells trapped within those tissues to bulge. These pockets of fat create a dimpled, orange peel appearance on the skin called cellulite. Cellulite tends to occur in women more often than men, and usually accumulates on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. While weight gain, genetics and hormone changes can impact the appearance of cellulite, cellulite itself is actually the result of structural changes within the skin, and can appear on people of all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, at Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan, we offer our Manhattan patients Cellulaze to treat unwanted, stubborn cellulite.

What is Cellulaze?

Cellulaze is a revolutionary laser treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is a minimally invasive, patient-friendly procedure that uses laser energy to target the structures of the skin that cause cellulite. Cellulaze melts away fat, disrupts fibrous connective bands and stimulates collagen production in the dermis to tighten and firm skin while getting rid of the dimpled, cottage cheese appearance.


Cellulaze is the first and only FDA-approved laser treatment for cellulite. It has a proven track record for being a safe and effective treatment for cellulite with few side effects or complications. Plus, the Cellulaze device has a built-in safety mechanism to monitor skin temperature which ensures that you will be comfortable and there will be no damage to the treatment area throughout the procedure.


Topical creams and treatments applied to the outer layer of skin cannot come close to eliminating cellulite the way that Cellulaze can. Cellulaze tackles cellulite at its root by working directly under the skin to liquefy fat cells, disrupt the connective fibers that bind the fat cells and stimulate the underside of the dermis to tighten and beautify the skin from the inside out.

Minimally Invasive

Cellulaze is unique in that it is incredibly effective yet minimally invasive. Patients appreciate that they don’t have to undergo general anesthesia. Instead, local anesthesia is administered directly into the treatment area. This also means that the procedure can be performed in our office, not in a hospital, making it more convenient for patients. You can expect the procedure to last 60 to 90 minutes.

To perform the procedure, small incisions, the size of the tip of a pen, are placed strategically in the treatment area. A small cannula, or tube, is inserted under the skin that contains a small laser fiber. The laser temperature is adjusted by the doctor based on the tissue being treated. Then the cannula is moved back and forth under the skin in three steps to eliminate the appearance of cellulite:

The laser fiber is pointed down to liquefy fat cells that are trapped within the fibrous strands so that there are fewer fat cells and less bulging in the treatment area

The laser energy is directed to the sides to break up the fibrous bands that connect the tissue, thus freeing the fat cells and eliminating the dimpled, orange-peel appearance on the skin
The laser fiber is pointed up toward the underside of the dermis to gently heat the dermis and stimulate collagen production, which instantly firms and tightens the skin and will continue to do so over time

Minimal Downtime and Recovery

Cellulaze is great for patients who want to improve the look of their legs but don’t have time for more invasive cosmetic procedures. Most patients return home immediately after their treatment and rest for the remainder of the day. Some patients take the following day off work and resume normal activities on the third day. Strenuous activities and exercise should be avoided for a week. While you want to move, you also want to rest to give your body time to heal. Taking it easy in the early days following your Cellulaze treatment will mean a faster and better recovery.

As with any medical procedure, recovery and downtime depend on each patient’s overall health, healing rate, sensitivity to pain and the size of the treatment area. Another factor that can impact how quickly you return to work is your profession. If you have a strenuous job, you may need to take more time off work versus a person who does computer work at a desk. Listen to your body and if you have questions or concerns, call us. We are here to help.

Mild Discomfort and Scarring

Cellulaze is a patient-friendly procedure that has few side effects or complications. Most patients have some swelling and bruising following their Cellulaze treatment, but discomfort is usually mild and easily managed with over-the-counter pain medication, compression garments and ice.

Because the incisions are small, they tend to heal quickly and leave little or no scarring. Also, because the cosmetic work is done under the skin, the surface of the skin is left intact and unharmed, which means the procedure will not scar the outer layer of skin in the treatment area.

One and Done

You might think that follow-up treatments are necessary to maintain your smooth, cellulite-free legs. Fortunately for you and your pocketbook, just one Cellulaze treatment is effective at eliminating cellulite in the targeted treatment area. The three-pronged approach to treating cellulite—liquefying fat, eliminating the binding connective tissue and tightening the underside of the dermis—provides you with lasting results. Of course, weight gain and natural aging can impact the treatment area over time, but in general, you can expect to maintain your firmer and smoother appearance for years to come.

Beautiful Results

You will love how Cellulaze immediately transforms your legs. In addition, the benefits of the procedure will continue to materialize and improve the appearance of your legs over the next three to 12 months. No longer will you see dimples or lumpy skin; instead, your legs will be smooth, firm and younger looking.

Treating cellulite enhances contours and allows the true beauty of your legs to shine through. If you are excited at the prospect of getting rid of the “cottage cheese” look on your legs, schedule a consultation with Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan today at 212-204-6501. We will help you love your legs again.

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