Insurance and Your Vein Treatments Costs

Varicose veins are often a cosmetic concern that also leads to painful symptoms and a higher risk for other serious medical conditions. For those reasons, many patients choose to undergo varicose vein treatment that eliminates the appearance of the veins, as well as accompanying symptoms. Insurance coverage may be provided for some varicose treatments and not for others. Before committing to any type of treatment, it is important to understand how medical coverage works and whether insurance coverage will be available for your specific treatment.

Two Types of Varicose Vein Treatments

Varicose vein treatment is usually categorized in two distinct types; treatment for cosmetic purposes and treatment for medical reasons. In the former category, such as the elimination of unsightly spider veins, insurance coverage may not be available. If a physician determines that vein treatment is medically necessary, the insurance company will likely look at the reasons behind the treatment to determine whether coverage of the procedure is appropriate.

Some of the reasons insurance companies agree to cover vein treatment might include:

Painful Symptoms

– If the patient is experiencing painful symptoms of varicose veins, including swelling, aches or heaviness in the legs, on a regular basis, treatment may be deemed medically necessary by the insurance company.

Size of the Veins

– Larger, bulging veins tend to be seen as medically significant, due to the higher risk of complications. In this case, the insurance company may agree to cover vein treatment.

Potential for Complications

– Many complications can arise from varicose veins, including the formation of blood clots, phlebitis and the development of leg ulcers. If the risk for these complications is determined to be high, treatment may be seen as medically necessary.

Ineffectiveness of Other Treatments

– Sometimes, insurance companies will want patients to try other treatment options first, such as exercise or compression stockings. If these treatments do not effective manage the condition, other treatment options may also be covered.

Lifestyle Disruptions

– If the varicose veins are interfering with a patient’s daily activities, treatment for the veins may be considered medically necessary.

If you are coping with the pain and embarrassment of varicose veins, contact Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan today. We can help you navigate the sometimes complex maze of insurance coverage to determine whether treatment for your varicose veins will be covered, and provide you with choices in treatment that will meet your specific needs best.

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