Dealing with Varicose Vein Symptoms

Anyone sporting varicose veins knows all too well how unsightly these veins can be. However, varicose veins can become more than a cosmetic nuisance over time. Some sufferers will begin to experience uncomfortable symptoms with those bulging veins that can make it difficult to participate in activities and perform even routine tasks. If your varicose veins are becoming uncomfortable as well as unattractive, the staff at Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan has a few tips to help you manage those painful symptoms.

Identifying Symptoms of Varicose Veins
There are a number of symptoms that might accompany varicose veins:

  • Heaviness in the legs, especially at the end of the day
  • Aching, painful legs
  • Swelling of the lower leg, ankle and foot
  • Leg cramping, particularly when you lie down at night
  • Restless leg syndrome, usually at night
  • Burning, itching skin around the swollen vessel
  • Skin color and texture changes

It is best to address these symptoms when they first begin, particularly symptoms involving skin irritation or changes. When these signs are left unchecked, the skin changes can become permanent, even if the veins are successfully treated later on.

Home Remedies
Home remedies can help to alleviate uncomfortable varicose vein symptoms and prevent the condition from worsening. These remedies might include:

Daily exercise to work the calf muscles and improve circulation in the lower legs
Maintaining a healthy weight to avoid placing additional pressure on lower leg veins
Elevating feet at the end of the day to make it easier for legs to pump blood back to the heart

It is also a good idea to minimize long periods of sitting and standing, since this can contribute to varicose veins and their symptoms. Break up those periods with a brief, brisk walk or a few stretches to help wake up the circulatory system.

Treating Varicose Veins
If home remedies are not sufficient in reducing varicose vein symptoms, you doctor has more vein treatment options. At Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan, we offer a variety of minimally-invasive procedures designed to eradicate swollen veins and the symptoms that often accompany them. Treatments involve little or no discomfort and most patients are back to regular activities the same day. Most patients notice their symptoms improve almost immediately following their procedures.

Varicose veins are more than a cosmetic problem for many patients. They are caused by an underlying vein condition that can continue to worsen over time. If you are suffering symptoms of your varicose veins, now is the time to seek treatment. Contact Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan at 212-204-6501 and find out how you can say goodbye to those uncomfortable veins for good.

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