Today’s Varicose Veins Treatments are Minimally-Invasive but Equally Effective

Varicose veins are a condition that can cause discomfort and embarrassment for sufferers. In addition to the visible twisting veins that make you self-conscious about wearing spring and summer styles, the condition can also be accompanied with symptoms like cramping and aching of the legs, leg swelling and even skin changes. In the past, varicose veins had to be addressed with invasive surgical techniques, but today treatment for this condition is less invasive and more effective than ever before.


Varicose Vein Treatment Options

Check out the treatment options available at Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan that will eliminate your varicose veins without a major disruption to your daily life.


Sclerotherapy – This injectable treatment administers a sclerosing agent directly into the vein that seals the walls of the vessel closed. The vein collapses and is eventually reabsorbed by the body. This procedure is primarily recommended for spider veins and smaller varicose veins.


EVLT – Laser energy is delivered into the diseased vein using a fine catheter. The energy heats the vein to seal it close and collapse the vein. Blood is rerouted through healthy veins nearby. EVLT is performed on an outpatient basis and patients usually return to regular activities the next day.


Venefit – Venefit works in a similar fashion to EVLT, but uses radiofrequency energy instead of laser heat. The procedure offers excellent results with minimal bruising, swelling or scarring. Patients typically return to their regular schedules the day after the procedure.


Clarivein – This innovative treatment combines mechanical agitation with a sclerosing solution to collapse diseased veins more completely for excellent results. Studies have shown this procedure may be the most comfortable vein treatment today, surpassing even RF and laser treatments in terms of safety, comfort and effectiveness for some patients.


Ambulatory Phlebectomy – Large varicose veins can be removed through a minimally-invasive surgical procedure known as ambulatory phlebectomy. Micro-incisions are made down the length of the vein so that a small tool can be inserted to remove the diseased vein in short sections. No stitches are needed for the micro-incisions and scarring is nearly non-existent. Most patient return to regular activities within a day or two.

While all of these treatments provide excellent results with minimal discomfort and downtime, the right treatment for you will depend on a number of factors. Dr. Lev will carefully evaluate your condition and medical history to determine which treatment will be the safest and most effective for you. To learn more, contact Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan at 212-204-6501 to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Lev today.

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