SmartLipo vs. Lipo: Which is Right for You?

Liposuction is a popular body contouring procedure today, due to its ability to sculpt a broad range of treatment areas and create the body profile you have not been able to achieve through diet and exercise alone. The increased demand for the procedure has also led to more options in liposuction techniques, which can make it confusing for patients trying to determine which method will offer the best results. To help you in your decision-making process, here is a breakdown of two of the most common types of liposuction; SmartLipo and traditional liposuction.

Tried and True: Traditional Liposuction

Traditional or tumescent liposuction was the first method of body contouring to be used many years ago. The outpatient procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia, although local with sedation may be used in some situations. This process begins with the injection of a tumescent solution into the treatment area, which serves the double purpose of numbing the tissue and making the fat cells easier to remove. A tube called a cannula is inserted into the fat deposit via a tiny incision, which is used to loosen the fat cells and suction them out of the area.

Benefits of Traditional Liposuction

Traditional liposuction is a technique that has been around for some time, so it has a proven track record of safety and success. The procedure can be used to address different areas of the body, including the midsection, hips, thighs and buttocks. It can remove larger amounts of fat, although the more fat that is eliminated, the longer your recovery time is likely to be. Advancements to the procedure have produced a surgery that is less invasive and involves less bruising, bleeding and recovery time overall.

Drawbacks of Traditional Liposuction

Despite the benefits, there are a few drawbacks to traditional liposuction. The procedure causes more trauma to the body than some of the newer methods, which means more discomfort and downtime for you. The process also lacks the precision of other liposuction techniques, which increases the risk for lumpiness or uneven results. Traditional liposuction is not typically the first choice for treating smaller areas.

More Precision, Less Trauma: SmartLipo

SmartLipo takes the traditional liposuction method to the next level by adding laser energy to the process. The laser energy heats the treatment area, destroying and liquefying fat cells, so they are easier to remove. The procedure is done under local anesthesia, using a cannula that delivers the laser energy and removes the fat cells at the same time.

Benefits of SmartLipo

Due to its less invasive nature, this procedure does not require general anesthesia. The cannula used for this technique is also smaller, leading to smaller incisions and less scarring after treatment. The ability to liquefy the fat cells for removal means less trauma to surrounding skin and tissue, less bruising and bleeding, and a more comfortable, faster recovery process. The precision of the technique also allows for effective treatment of smaller areas like the neck and under the chin.

Drawbacks of SmartLipo

As liposuction procedures go, there are few disadvantages to the SmartLipo technique. However, your results will be dependent on the level of experience and skill of the cosmetic surgeon you select to perform your procedure.

Dr. Lev at Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan performs SmartLipo for his New York patients in search of less invasive body contouring options. With the right experience and expertise in this technique, you can rest assured you are in good hands when you choose Dr. Lev for your treatment. To learn more about SmartLipo, contact Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan today at 212-204-6501.

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