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“I struggled with poor circulation and varicose veins’ spider veins’ and had seen many doctors over the years. No one has helped relieve me of this problem as Dr Lev has. He is patient, meticulous, and very skilled in this

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“Excellent professional staff all around. Dr. Lev is engaging and explicative as well as knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. All you want from a Healthcare professional while having high expectations.”

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“Dr Lev has hands of an Angel He has worked miracles on my legs and I can’t thank him enough,for giving me back my confidence to feel good in my own skin.”

Nina M.

“I went to see Dr. Lev for a couple of procedures on my legs and the team their was always very accommodating and friendly. Varicose Veins run in my family, so I know I’ll definitely be back. Its great to

Edith F.

“E.F.Dr. Lev is very professional, caring and kind. I’m very satisfied with the laser surgery and sclerotherapy treatments I’m receiving. I would highly recommend him to all my family, friends and colleagues!”

Jerry Weisenfeld

“I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Ronald Lev for the transformation of my extreme varicose vein condition to being varicose vein free. Dr. Lev and his staff consist of the beautiful Landrav sisters and the lovely Jennete who

Maria F.

“Dr.Lev had treated my spider veins. The procedure was not painful and result is fantastic! Its hard to believe I ever had vein problems. I have so much appreciation to Dr.Lev and his staff. I highly recommend The Advanced Varicose

Cindy L.

“I’ve been looking for a doctor to treat my Grandmother’s varicose veins for a couple of years. I wanted to make sure that she would get the procedure done by someone certified and not just a cosmetic clinic. I found